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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the latest edition of Acrobat. It is one of the most used PDF readers for PCs and other portable devices. Adobe Acrobat is a family of software and web services developed by Adobe Inc. for viewing, creating, manipulating, print and read files in Portable Document Format (PDF). Acrobat Reader is the easiest way to read Acrobat files on computers, laptops, smartphones and other portable devices. This browser-based application can be run directly from Adobe’s servers without the need for installation.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has enhanced features for better performance and enhanced security features. The PDF viewer offers advanced tools for searching PDF documents electronically. The tool’s center is an enhanced version of the tools found in Adobe Acrobat Professional. These tools center allows users to search, sort and extract information from any PDF document. They are very fast and have the ability to read, edit and search Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents electronically. The mobile app provides access to all the same tools as the software application on a Windows mobile device or Smart Phone.

Since the launch of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the iPad, the Mobile Readers for iPhones and android, it is now possible to read PDF documents on the go. The PDF documents can be downloaded directly from the Adobe Acrobat website. The mobile app is designed to work with both iOS and android devices and can be accessed on any smartphone. The PDF documents can be shared through email, saved on the phone and even printed as well.

As a business user, you will benefit greatly from having an Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be used on your notebook or tablet. You can carry your PDF files with you wherever you go. The PDF Readers available for phones and tablets allow you to access your PDF files from any device. This is a big advantage especially if you need to access a variety of PDF files often. Some of the features include:

o Supports iOS and Android – The mobile app provides a familiar and intuitive interface for both iOS and android devices. You can use the PDF viewer on the go and read your favorite pdf documents while you travel. The tools center of the app allows you to explore different features. The features center has additional tools such as the Help, Online Support, and the Contact Us links.

o Connects wirelessly – You do not need to be near an Internet connection to enjoy the features of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It connects wirelessly to any laptop or computer for viewing and printing PDF documents electronically. You can download the PDF document to view the document on the PDF reader or you can save the PDF document for safekeeping. Once you have saved the document, you can access it as many times as you want. If you need to print out some special files, you can also connect the PDF viewer to your printer. The feature also allows you to add, delete or edit keywords so that you can make the most of your PDF files.

o Manages several documents electronically – You can open up several PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit and view the same document. This helps you manage your numerous PDF files electronically. For example, if you have many business documents, you can open up your spreadsheet application and then transfer your Excel or text files to the PDF viewer. You can even download and save a lot of PDF files and create PDFs on the spot. The feature also enables you to search, bookmark and add notes to your PDF files.

o Create PDFs – The PDF viewer app of Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to create PDFs on the spot. You can either sync your PDF files on your iOS device or download them from the iBooks Store. You can then read, edit or search for any PDF document. This functionality is similar to what is available in the version of Acrobat Reader that is available for Windows. The app is free, and it can be installed by visiting the Apple website.

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