Download the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Demo

Download the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Demo and Have Fun With Your Family and Friends

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is an online role-playing game using the Unreal Engine. It is the follow up to the award winning Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. Odyssey is the second game in the AC franchise and promises even greater visuals and a more polished game play experience. Here is our review of the game.


This online action-adventure game features an amazing cast of characters. In the game one has the chance to pick from several different endings depending on how the player chose to conclude the quests in the game. Throughout the demo we see three very different perspectives are offered to the player; a male, a female and a neutral character. Each one offers their own style of playing the demo including a variety of weapons, abilities and upgrades for their weaponry as well as an infinite stamina refill. This is a look at what happens during each level of the demo.


During the beginning of the demo we find our protagonist, a man called Jacob, researching mysterious signals from an ancient ruin. We see that there are objects and clues scattered throughout the land which suggest that something may be wrong here. As you investigate further you uncover more about the land itself and the origins of its people, the creed. You find out that the island was once a paradise called Eden before its destruction by theories. This is the story line you will follow throughout the entirety of the AC Odyssey demo.


During the first part of the tutorial we see that Jacob is able to carry out two different objectives that will help him reach the final level. One of these is by getting the right amount of XP by killing a number of enemy soldiers. The second objective involves getting an item called the Golden Pine which when used gives out a number of infinite health points and unlimited energy. These two goals are the only things you can do in the demo, but they will help you progress through the levels of the game much quicker. However it also means that if you get killed by an enemy soldier your mission is failed and you are forced to start the whole process over again.


Moving on you see that your mission is to kill the Creed soldiers while completing all five of the levels in the demo. What makes this part of the game so interesting is that you are allowed a few special moves that help you gain an advantage over your enemies. For example there is a power called Shanks which allows you to attack multiple targets with a single swing of your sword. There are also some powerful attacks, which allow you to quickly kill multiple enemies. However, these moves are only available if you purchase the “Infinite Health” upgrade for theodiac Crossblade.


This is just one of many exciting levels in the game as you fight your way through the streets of Paris. It is worth mentioning though that there is a cheat mode available which can help you complete the levels much quicker. In fact, if you are playing on the Xbox console you can also view all the achievements online that will make your collection even more impressive. On top of all the levels there is also a time trial mode, which has you try to beat the clock. This time trial has you using the same moves and weapons as the main game, however the graphics and audio are the same.


The main reason to purchase theodiac crossblade is the “Infinite Animal Health” ability that can be unlocked by purchasing the “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trainer“. The “Infinite Animal Health” feature gives players an ability to level up their character by gaining an endless supply of health and energy cells. As the game progresses, you will find yourself unlocking more abilities which will allow you to level up faster and earn more money for the upgrades. This ability can also be used to purchase items which are necessary to complete more difficult levels, and it will also give you unlimited lives which means you can replay any level any number of times, until you get it right.


There are other special features included with the “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trial” that will also impress fans. One such feature is the ability to listen to commentary while you play the game. Another is the ability to change your voice according to the situation, which allows you to choose a more confident or calm voice when needed. And best of all, this game will allow you to use up to four controllers at a time, so you can play with friends, family or other gamers online. The demo included with the “Assassin’s creed odyssey trainer” allows you to take on the tower escape mission from the start that allows you to learn how to complete the mission without dying.

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