Face Recognition Temperature Measurement System

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement System

Provides strong and precise detection, ideal for safe travel. Get convenient and professional temperature detection methods.

Easy to Install and Use

  • Supports 6 sorts of interface conventions
  • Simple to introduce and use: with a vertical section
  • We will give a U plate, including manual and establishment video

2MP High Definition Large Screen

2MP High Definition Large Screen: 7-inch IPS HD show

22400 face examination library and 100,000 face recognition records

Generally utilized in office, station, school, manufacturing plant, shopping centres, neighbourhoods

Progressed Non-contact Face Recognition: Our Temperature Measurement System embraces progressed IR Face Recognition. There are 5 sorts of recognition of this framework: Face identification, Mask location, Abnormal temperature caution, Living discovery and Stranger alert

2MP High Definition Large Screen: Our temperature recognition camera highlights 7-inch IPS HD show and electronic voice broadcast which gives significant distance seeing, simple identification. A vertical section is additionally remembered for the bundle, simple and helpful

Precise and Fast Detection: Temperature estimation range: 30℃-45℃ (Accuracy ± 0.3 ℃); Recognition time <500ms, quick and high impact; Ultra long distinguishing separation: 0.5-3M, staying away from close contact between individuals

Proficient and Powerful Function: This temperature locator gives rich interface conventions, upholds SDK and HTTP conventions under different stages, for example, Windows and Linux. This temperature finder likewise bolsters 100,000 face recognition records and 22400 face correlation library

Material Scenarios: Our IR face recognition temperature estimation frameworks are generally utilized in office, station, school, manufacturing plant, shopping centers, local locations and numerous other public spots. Its solid and exact recognition is ideal for safe travel. https://temp37c.com


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