Houston Texans – Second NFL Team to Join the Prestigious World Wide Club

The Houston Texans is an established professional American football team presently based in Houston, Texas. The Texans play their home matches at NRG Stadium in Houston. The venue is an amazing venue that holds more than eighty thousand seats. It is one of the most impressive NFL stadiums to watch. The home ground of the Houston Texans is an averagely manufactured football field.

The Houston Texans have enjoyed the great success in the recent past. They have won the Super Bowl in January 1999 and were able to defeat the then undefeated NFL champion Dallas Cowboys. The Houston Texans later became the second NFL team to join the prestigious World Wide Club as they qualified for the Super Bowl in 2021. Ever since then, the club has won two more Super Bowls and placed third in the conference standings. In the current competitive world of professional sports in the US, it is the Houston Texans who possesses the most superb blend of championship glory, financial prosperity, and international fame.

Houston Texans

Houston is the home town of the Houston Texans and the team is managed by a legendary coach, Bill O’Brien. The current general manager, Tex Jones, is also from the same town as Mr. O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien has succeeded in his task as the Texans’ coach and general manager mainly due to his winning personality and winning experiences in playing the game of football. As a result, he has gained immense popularity in Houston as a result of his efforts.

The Houston Texans enjoys the loyalty of a lot of fans throughout the country and even internationally. The club was able to secure additional millions of dollars through a franchise transaction with the Denver Broncos. A new stadium was built in Houston to accommodate the largest gathering of fans following the Super Bowl victory of the Texans. The stadium is considered one of the best venues to watch a professional football game. The organization is also working on an improved brand identity that will make its mark in the annals of footballing history.

The Houston Texans has established stable economic positions with cheap Houston Texans tickets and has become a popular and profitable business entity in the Houston area. Their loyal following and good health are further contributing factors to the success of this franchise. Despite being a part of the multimillion-dollar revenue generating industry of professional sport, the Texans have remained relatively unknown outside the state of Texas. The popularity gained by the Houston Texans has been mainly attributed to the fact that the club has been able to attract some of the best football players in the country. They have also managed to develop good relations with the major national football league.

In the recent past, the club has been working on improving its infrastructure that will help the team progress in every phase of the competition. The first head coach of the Houston Texans, Bill Cowher was hired for a second consecutive year. He has been given the responsibility of adding to the already outstanding list of Texan football players that are part of the Texas squad. The Texan football fans seem to be behind their first head coach as they are expecting much from the new head coach as he takes charge of the club.

The Houston Texans has also decided to expand their football facility in Houston to enhance their chances of winning. Earlier in January, the Texans held a shareholders’ meeting to take a decision about the future of the franchise. This meeting was attended by the general managers of both the AT&T Cottonwood and Houston Texans, Bill Herman and Tom Kotter. Mr Herman has been in charge of the club’s business operations in Houston and Mr Kotter has been in charge of the stadium renovation project. Both of them informed the shareholders that there are still a lot of projects to be done in order to prepare for the upcoming expansion.

Earlier in September, the Houston Texans held their second shareholders’ meeting to elect new officers and take other necessary decisions for the expansion team. At this meeting Mr Herman was re-elected as the team’s General Manager and Mr Tom Kotter as the new stadium construction manager. Both of them are expected to report on a daily basis to the general manager of the Houston Texans. There are also some changes to the playing staff of the Houston Texans, which includes the retirement of some players who were taking a pay cut due to the poor performance of the team. However, all of this is dependent on the success of the club in gaining an expansion franchise.

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