Types of News


Straight forward news/hard news stories which report only the best information in an unbiased and non-personalized manner are known as straight news or hard news. This kind of story usually follows the inverted pyramid structure, which basically organizes news in descending order of significance or location in the news piece. This pyramid structure is used for the purpose of organization because it gives you a general idea of how important a topic is; however, the reader does not know the exact details of that particular event, such as the name of the organization’s leader, its mission, etc.


The other part of the inverted pyramid structure in a news story is the sub-topical sections. The sub-topical sections often consist of a few words, usually in short paragraphs, that summarize and explain that particular news item. The paragraphs are usually written around a central theme statement which helps establish an overall theme of the story. The purpose of this is to aid readers in understanding the basic concept or theme of that particular news story, thereby reducing the need for interpretation.

The main goal of all news reporting is to inform readers, especially the public. Therefore, all news articles should strive to provide an overview of a specific event which is important to the public and which needs to be understood.

A news piece will be deemed “balanced” if it presents a point of view while presenting facts. However, the balanced news piece is generally only a summary of events that have been reported in some other news media, and so is not necessarily biased. Another way of looking at this is to say that a news piece is not necessarily true.

Many news articles are written by an expert in his or her field. However, some news writers use their personal experiences in a way that may not necessarily be useful to the public. This could include a story that describes what happened while traveling around the world or on a fishing trip, but the reporter would not use his or her personal experiences as a basis for reporting news about a medical condition he or she has.

The information provided in the public’s world is constantly changing. Thus, a news story is expected to change as well. With this being said, many news organizations now use online news submission services.

An online news submission service allows any individual or business to post news stories to a news website on the Internet. When someone reads your news stories online, he or she can search and view news stories based on a particular topic. Therefore, the news websites that offer news submission services will have many thousands of different types of news stories from all over the world.

While you are looking for news on your local newspaper, you can always visit one of the online news submission services that provide this service. You will find news stories for your city, state, country and even other countries. If you read all of them and do your own research, you will come up with an overall overview of the news you read.


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